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May 16, 2021

Kate Winslet plays legendary fossil hunter Mary Anning in Ammonite, the new film (in cinemas now) from Francis Lee, the director of God's Own Country. For this episode, Kate Winslet makes her debut on The Cosmic Shed podcast and we are also joined by Anya Pearson of Mary Anning Rocks.

Kate Winslet tells us about working with Saoirse Ronan in Ammonite

Mary Anning Rocks is the hugely successful campaign to get a statue of Mary Anning in Lyme Regis, where she made her name finding all those wonderful fossils. It was started by Evie Swire three years ago and Evie's mum Anya joins us to discuss the film and tell us all about the wonderful campaign.

anya_and_evie8cwlx.jpgEvie and Anya from Mary Anning Rocks

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show notes

You can support Mary Anning Rocks here
Anya mentions this film about Mary Anning by Natasha Mattocks
The Cosmic Shed is part of the Stimulus Network
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