The Cosmic Shed

Destination Star Trek and ESA

October 26, 2019

Ti brings you interviews with the first ESA Astronaut to captain the International Space Station (Frank De Winne), Chase Masterson (Leeta in Deep Space Nine), Lead Scientist on the Rosetta Mission (Matt Taylor), The Trekkie Girls, Dr Nicol Caplin and J.G Herzler (Martok in Deep Space Nine) as he reports back from Destination Star Trek 2019.

Chase Masterson joins us for this episode of The Cosmic Shed

We hear about the exciting missions ESA have planned as we explore comets, planets, the moon and more around our solar system.

The Trekkie Girls met Ti at Destination Star Trek

J.G Hertzler and Chase Masterson share their memories of the late Aron Eisenberg who played Nog in Deep Space Nine

Frank De Winne is the second Captain of the ISS to appear on The Cosmic Shed

Show notes

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Ti was at Destination Star Trek
The first Commander of the International Space Station to appear on The Cosmic Shed was Cmdr Chris Hadfield


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