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Door 23 - The Cosmic Shed Advent Calendar

December 23, 2018

It's time to open Door Number 23 of The Cosmic Shed Advent Calendar and you know what to do. Press play above or below (wherever your browser has popped the play button) and let the identity of today's guest be revealed.

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As you may have spotted, today is the promised treat for fans of Tron but don't worry, you don't have to even understand Tron to find this thoroughly enjoyable.

The side of the Tron Arcade Cabinet featured David Warner as SARK from the 1982 film.

Behind Door Number 23 is David Warner. SARK from TRON. The (significant) butler in Titanic. Povell Wallander in Wallander. Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Gul Madred in Star Trek TNG. Do you need to know more? That's OK, here's his IMDb.

David is here talking to The Cosmic Shed's Ti about his career playing a variety of roles, although Ti is keen to talk to him about the villains he played. Listen in to see how that goes.

Ti and David Warner later met up in person and here they are with Ti's book.

Ti was talking to David and a whole host of other people as he was researching for his book Born to be Bad which you can buy here.

show notes

One episode to go in our Advent Calendar and then we'll give your phone storage a breather until the new year. Thanks so much for sticking with us and for all your wonderful feedback. Thanks for reviewing us on various things like Stitcher and ITunes too. We do see that and really appreciate it.

We're lining up a couple of rather wonderful guests for early in 2019. One is rather empathetic...