The Cosmic Shed

HBO’s Chernobyl

December 4, 2019

We try to separate fact from fiction and our love for the HBO series Chernobyl from our dislike of misleading information about nuclear power in this brand new episode of The Cosmic Shed.

We are joined by two professors and someone who won an Oscar too so download and listen in.

HBO's Chernobyl comes to The Cosmic Shed

Professor Neil Willey of UWE Bristol and Professor Tom Scott of The University of Bristol join Andrew and Steve to explore the science of Chernobyl, both in the real world and in the on screen version. Professor Neil Willey has been part of the TREE study looking into the effects of Chernobyl and Professor Tom Scott's research with the South West Nuclear Hub includes, among other things, a real life Iron Man suit.

Professor Tom Scott and his Iron Man suit. Photo: South West Nuclear Hub

Also joining us to discuss the work his company DNEG did for the wonderful looking Chernobyl is Paul Franklin, the man who won the Oscar for the special effects in Interstellar.

Andrew met Paul Franklin at MCM Comiccon in London

Oh and Ti pops in to tell us about his trip to Chernobyl. Sorry no photos here but keep an eye on our twitter. Don't forget to get your tickets for Tron in the Planetarium on December 10th 2019.

show notes

Steve mentions these videos from the South West Nuclear Hub.
Andrew mentions the More or Less podcast from the BBC.
Professor Neil Willey mentions the TREE consortium report.
You can hear the rest of Andrew's interview with Paul Franklin on the Physics World Stories podcast.

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