The Cosmic Shed

Jon Boden interview

March 9, 2021

Jon Boden has won 11 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. His new album Last Mile Home, from Hudson Records, is the final instalment in his trilogy of concept albums set in a post-climate change future. You might also know him as the lead singer and arranger of the legendary folk band Bellowhead. He joins Andrew for this special episode of The Cosmic Shed podcast. 

Jon Boden, in his Potting Shed, talking to Andrew of The Cosmic Shed

Jon's trilogy of post-apocalyptic albums began with Songs from the Floodplain in 2009, followed by Afterglow in 2017 and, this month, Last Mile Home. You can get your own copies of them here.

Jon and Andrew talk about science in folk music, the process of songwriting, quite how you make a concept album that is actually really brilliant and a whole lot more besides.

Download and listen now.

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Jon Boden's Last Mile Home is available from Hudson Records
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