The Cosmic Shed

Life After the Navigator (and on the Moon)

August 14, 2019

We travel back to the 1986 classic Flight of the Navigator as we talk to Lisa Downs, the film maker in the midst of producing Life After the Navigator, a documentary tracking what has happened to Joey Cramer, star of the Disney film.

Lisa Downs with Joey Cramer filming Live After the Navigator (c) Lisa Downs

Lisa and Andrew discuss their love of the 80s classic scifi and Lisa tells us about the wonderful film she is making about Joey Cramer, the child star at the centre of the film and some dramatic real life stories.

Lisa Downs and our Andrew

This being The Cosmic Shed, we find time to bring you some wonderful science too so we catch up with Dr Nicol Caplin, Astrobiologist at the European Space Agency to talk about those tardigrades on the Moon. Are they as big an issue as some are making out?

Dr Nicol Caplin (ESA) and our Andrew discuss those Tardigrades on the Moon

Nicol also gives us some details on how you can visit ESA in the Netherlands for their open day in October 2019

Download, sit back and let time slip by.

show notes

Life After Flash is here 
The teaser for Life after The Navigator is here
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