The Cosmic Shed

May the 4th be with Cavan Scott

May 3, 2018

Happy Star Wars Day everybody. We gathered in the Cosmic Shed with Cavan Scott, the author of a number of official Star Wars books and stories (and Doctor Who, Pacific Rim, Star Trek, Blakes7, Vikings and more) to talk all things Star Wars and what it means to be an official writer for these much loved series.

Choose your own adventure with Han and Chewie

Cavan is the best selling author of books and comics, including web comics for the Pacific Rim universe. His 2016 book Star Wars:The Escape became the UK's number one bestseller and has contributed to the forthcoming The Missy Chronicles.

Star Wars and Pacific Rim

Ti and Andrew were keen to pick Cav's brain about what it takes to get inside the characters we know and love in this wide-ranging chat. We also find that Cav is just as much of a fan of all this as we are. No wonder his work is such a joy to read. Thanks Cav.

Star Wars Adventures #1 features Rey before she met BB8

It's May 4th. It's the Cosmic Shed. Punch it, Chewie.

Show notes

Cavan has a wikipedia page and a wookieepeda page
He also has a website and a twitter account
Cavan and Ti were drinking Yorkshire Tea who, sadly, don't sponsor us.
If you wanted to sponsor us, you could consider becoming a patron here.
You can hear our chat with the "real" Chewbacca here

The shed is sporting new lovely posters gathered at Space Rocks

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