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Mission to Mars - Sensoria

January 16, 2020

We travel to Mars for this special episode of The Cosmic Shed as we hear from the crew of the Sensoria Mission to Mars. The crew are actually in a Martian Habitat as part of an analogue mission, paving the way for future missions to the red planet.

The crew have been largely stuck in the Habitat, thanks to the "Martian" weather, but recorded this podcast for us just before going out on an EVA.

One of the crew on an EVA on Analogue Mars

We hear about the mission goals and how its going so far. Of course, we also hear about the science fiction they have been watching and reading so far.

The crew take part in scientific research while they are on "Mars" which informs future space missions. 

Makiah Eustace, Habitat Operations Officer, inside the Hab

The crew are:

J.J. Hastings - Commander + Bioengineer
Erin Bonilla - Vice Commander + Medical Officer
Dr. Sian Proctor - Communications Officer + Geoscientist
Dr. Adriana Blachowicz - Science Officer + Microbiologist
Maraia Hoffman - Engineering Officer + Crew Training Manager
Makiah Eustace - Habitat Operations Officer + Aerospace Engineer

The Sensoria 6 before they entered The Hab to start their mission to Mars

So press play or download to your favourite podcast app and don some headphones as we travel to Mars in the capable hands of the Sensoria 6.

show notes
All photos (c) Makiah Eustace @astro_eustace on Instagram
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