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My Octopus Teacher - Pippa Ehrlich Interview

November 28, 2020

Andrew is joined by Pippa Ehrlich, Director/Producer of the wonderful documentary My Octopus Teacher now streaming on Netflix for this special episode of The Cosmic Shed.

It's been stealing hearts and winning awards across the world, including winning The Golden Panda at Wildscreen Festival which leads us to be able to type the following, deeply wonderful sentence:

My Octopus Teacher won the Golden Panda.

Pippa Ehrlich is Director/Producer of My Octopus Teacher

Pippa tells Andrew just what goes into making such a stunning film in a wide ranging conversation including diving in the kelp forests and making a film for Netflix.

Pippa Ahrlich and Andrew Glester for The Cosmic Shed
Pippa and Andrew in conversation.

Put on your warmest wetsuit and dive in. Alternatively, wear whatever you like and download the latest episode of The Cosmic Shed podcast.

show notes

Pippa is also part of the Sea Change Project. Find out about their wonderful work here.
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