The Cosmic Shed


September 23, 2020

Next up on The Cosmic Shed, we explore Alice Winocour's fascinating new film, Proxima starring Eva Green and we hear from Alice Winocour herself.

Eva Green's character is surrounded by men

Andrew, Ti, Tushna and Achintya gather in the virtual shed, wishing they were next to each other and not separated by a lockdown and virus. All rather fitting for the film which you'll know if you've seen it and you should.

Achintya, Andrew, Ti and Tushna discuss Proxima

Strap in, escape under a fence or blast off into space. Do what you need to do but make sure you download this first.

show notes
You can read Andrew's review of Proxima in Physics World
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Very special thanks to Achtintya Rao for editing this episode.

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