The Cosmic Shed

Robin Ince - The Importance of being interested

October 19, 2021

Robin Ince is quite well known for something called The Infinite Monkey Cage and something else called The Cosmic Shambles. As such, we were rather delighted to welcome him to The Cosmic Shed. Robin joins Hannah and Steve to talk about his new book The Importance of Being Interested.

Robin and Hannah at BookhausRobin Ince and Hannah in Bookhaus for The Cosmic Shed

This episode of The Cosmic Shed podcast was recorded at Bookhaus, an independent bookshop in Bristol. Robin was in conversation with our Hannah.

The book is a delight and so too is this conversation. Download and listen now.

show notes

You can buy Robin's book here
You can get tickets to Robin's next variety show here
Hannah is a Senior Lecturer in Science Communication at UWE Bristol
Bookhaus is an independent bookshop in Bristol
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