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Seven Worlds, One Planet - Chadden Hunter

January 22, 2020

There maybe seven worlds but there's only one Chadden Hunter, Producer/Director of landmark BBC Natural History series like Frozen Planet, Planet Earth 2 and the stunning Seven Worlds, One Planet.

On a very chilly evening in January, Chadden joined Andrew in The Cosmic Shed to talk about the wonderful news series from the BBC's legendary Natural History Unit. The series takes viewers on spectacular journeys through the seven continents on this planet of ours. It is currently playing out on TV screens across the world and on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Chadden and Andrew were also joined in the shed by Emma Brisdion, host of the wonderful For What it's Earth podcast which is part of the Stimulus Network.

Emma's serious, and cold, face as Chadden tells us about his encounter with Polar bears

Chadden shares some of the secrets of the trade and just what goes into making a stunning series of films like the BBC's Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Chilly Chadden the Fortune Teller - it's actually an astronaut lamp

It really was a cold night so pour yourself a cup of tea, coffee or cocoa, sit back and let Chadden's tales take you to far flung lands in this episode of The Cosmic Shed podcast.

show notes

You can hear about Emma Brisdion's Arctic adventure on our Spirit of Apollo episode
Chadden Hunter came to the shed before for an episode on Planet Earth 2
You could and should subscribe to Emma's podcast For What It's Earth

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