The Cosmic Shed

Space Rocks with Tim Peake and ESA

April 29, 2018

Tim Peake, Bryan May, Maggie Lieu, Dallas Campbell, Beth Healey, Matt Taylor and Mark McCaughrean feature in this special episode of the Cosmic Shed as Andrew and Steve return from Space Rocks at the o2 in London.

The Cosmic Shed's Andrew talking to Tim Peake at Space Rocks

Steve, Bryan May and Andrew play Who's Got The Best T-shirt

Beth Healey is pleased to see the Sun again

Star Wars, Science Fiction and Rosetta - Matt Taylor talks The Cosmic Shed crew

Dr Maggie Lieu tells us about her love of Contact and the search for Dark Matter

Mark McCaughrean didn't want to play "Who's got the best shirt?"

Space Rocks is a festival of Space, Science Fiction and Music from the European Space Agency. We bloody love it.

Show Notes

Dr Maggie Lieu works on the EUCLID space telescope, set to launch in 2021 and map the geometry of the dark matter in the Universe.
Dr Beth Healey "lost the Sun" when she went to Antarctica and it disappeared below the horizon for four months
Dallas Campbell's book Ad Astra is actually really very good indeed.
Tim Peake was talking about the European Service Module
Matt Taylor talks about Rosetta, BepiColumbo
Mark McCaughrean
 was talking about The Deep Space Gateway and first joined us for our episode on Ambition, the Rosetta Science Fiction.
Andrew mentions this episode of the Physics World podcast

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