The Cosmic Shed

Stanley Donwood’s Bad Island

February 12, 2020

Stanley Donwood's Bad Island is an extraordinary book. A Graphic Novel with no words. The story told only with pictures. Ideal for a podcast...

We're joined by artist Stanley Donwood, perhaps best known for producing all the cover art for all of Radiohead's albums, or perhaps for creating much of the artwork alongside the Glastonbury Festival or perhaps very soon to be best known for Bad Island.

Jess is not massive nor Stanley tiny: These are two different images

Jess Howard interviews Stanley for this episode, her first appearance on The Cosmic Shed podcast. Stanley tells Jess about working on Radiohead's album covers, working on the book and a whole lot more besides.

The frogs in the pond near the shed are enjoying the warmer, ice free weather this February

Settle in, download, pop on some headphones and press play.

show notes

You can get Bad Island here

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