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The World’s First Science Fiction Cinema?

November 11, 2022

Screens of Matter is a cinema development project, specialising in screening science fiction films. The long-term aim of the company is to secure permanent premises in Bristol (UK), to build on venue capacity in the city. The project also aims to attract and support neurodiverse audiences by testing ideas to create more inclusive cinema environments. 

Founder/Producer | Emmeline Rodman

Emmeline is a Bristol based producer who currently works in the charity and education sectors. She is an experienced events manager and lectures in events management and design. She is proudly neurodiverse, diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. Science fiction films provide her with a place of solace from these conditions. 

vlcsnap-2022-11-11-22h34m23s531.jpgProgramme advisor | Owen Van Spall

Owen is a London based film programmer for a major arts venue. He has worked in a variety of cinemas for nearly a decade, from pop-up events to community projects across the UK. He is a film history postgraduate and has also worked in the comic book publishing industry.  

Their launch event is a double bill of Judge Dredd films.

To get your tickets and find our more visit

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