The Cosmic Shed

Those BBC Winter Watch Hedgehogs

January 27, 2022

The Cosmic Shed has hosted some fairly big names over the years from Tim Peake and Nichelle Nichols to Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Roberts but right now, the shed is housing a litter of hedgehogs.

Those hedgehogs have been filmed for BBC's Winter Watch by Dr. Jack Richardson and Jack joins Andrew to talk all about how he took that lovely footage of them.

Jack on set
Dr Jack Richardson on set

You'll also hear about how the shed became home for these wonderful little hedgehogs and hear from the woman who almost single-handedly made it possible; Claudia Bonney.

Tufty - one of the Hedgehogs currently residing under The Cosmic Shed.

Prickles down, relax and listen now.

show notes

Claudia Bonney is a contemporary artist and hedgehog lover.
Dr Jack Richardson has a vimeo account where you can see more of his work.
You can see some of the trail cam footage of the hedgehogs here
Andrew is a Lecturer at UWE Bristol
The Cosmic Shed is part of the Stimulus Network
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