The Cosmic Shed

Tron - The Cosmic Shed Live in the We The Curious Planetarium

December 11, 2019

Last night, we gathered in the Planetarium at We The Curious and watched TRON. Before we settled in for the classic 80s sci-fi film, Ti and Andrew discussed TRON and the science of computer games with friend of The Cosmic Shed, Dr Pete Etchells. This is the recording of The Cosmic Shed presents TRON in the Planetarium at We The Curious.

Andrew, Dr Pete Etchells and Ti in We The Curious Planetarium

Such a fun night topped off perfectly with TRON on that wonderful domed Planetarium roof.

Previous Cosmic Shed Guest David Warner in TRON

The evening was in aid of the wonderful Special Effect.

show notes

You can get Dr Pete Etchells' book Lost in a Good Game here
You can get Ti's book Born to be Bad here

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