The Cosmic Shed

Warwick Davis, Lou Ferrigno and Scott Adkins

June 5, 2017

We've found a use for our YouTube channel!

Ti and Andrew headed to MCM ComicCon in London last week and met up with a host of wonderful people. More of that in our audio podcast coming soon...including Nichelle Nichols.

But, backstage at ComicCon, there are plenty of conversations to be had and Andrew and Ti recorded some interviews for our new YouTube channel which you can now see here.

Scott Adkins is star of a host of martial arts and action moviesĀ and, of course, Doctor Strange.


Scott Adkins interview

Warwick Davis is Warwick Davis.


Warwick Davis Interview

Lou Ferrigno is The Hulk


Lou Ferrigno Interview

You may also note our YouTube channel has a new intro and theme. That's composed by the wonderful Colin McGinness. Thanks Colin.

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