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Assassin 33AD

May 27, 2020

Assassin 33 AD is a Christian Science Fiction film in which a group of Muslim Extremist Terrorists go back in time to stop the Resurrection of Jesus (as reported in The Bible) from happening. We tracked down the writer/director Jim Carroll and talked to him about just why he made it.

Assassin 33AD - it's got Time Travel in it.

A Time Travel film about religion. The Cosmic Shed couldn't really avoid it so we invited Jordan Collver, former Creationist, to join us once again as we delve into the storytelling and science behind this...errm...compelling film.

Ti, Andrew, Steve, Jordan and Tushna discuss Assassin 33AD

A lot of fun. Thanks Jim.

show notes

Jordan first joined us to discuss the Spectrum between Science and Religion
Jordan's comic is free to read here
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